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Josette Carroll - Professional artist in Ketton

Josette Carroll: Professional Artist in Ketton

After retiring from my post as the Principal of the Dyslexia Institute in Peterborough, I gained a BA (Hons) Fine Arts Degree at Stamford College which was then affiliated with Lincoln University.

In most of my art, there is an element of self-discovery which I find satisfying and exciting. I enjoy working in mixed media and my work tends to be eclectic in that it incorporates a broad variety of processes and styles. I am fascinated by the relationship between texture, form and colour.
I also enjoy creating three-dimensional work using a variety of discarded packaging materials, as well as creating collages using found materials. 

I have a wide range of influences ranging from the early 20th-century Constructivists, through mid-century abstract art and also the work of many contemporary artists.

You can visit my studio/gallery by appointment.

Latest Work

If you would like a chat telephone me on 07890 408 452

Painting for the NHS

I have thoroughly enjoyed raising money for a carefully chosen local NHS charity, Stamford Hospital.

All proceeds from the sale of my ‘Railway Inn’ greeting card have gone to nurses and carers in our local community. I am happy to say that we have managed to raise £334!