Cardboard Sculpture

Recycled Cardboard in Art

Cardboard can be manipulated in many different ways, sometimes to make a statement or reflect its use in, and impact upon, society. At other times, cardboard might be worked in such a way that it ends up resembling some other kind of material. The creative options are vast and there are so many avenues of exploration.

Ever since the great German artist Kurt Schwitters became famous for his collages called Merz pictures in the 1920s, working with corrugated cardboard has been celebrated as a great material for creating long-lasting works of art, which after 100 years shows no sign of deterioration. I’d love to share some examples of my cardboard sculptures with you, as they are unique and suitable for a range of environments. They often make very good conversation pieces, adding interest and enjoyment to any kind of gathering.

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Showing all 7 results