Exhibitions and Events

New art exhibitions featuring the art of Josette Carroll

Get ready for more fabulous exhibitions. It’s always a delight to put on a show of my work, and to meet fellow art enthusiasts who are interested in buying, or simply viewing, my paintings and sculptures

Everything has its price wxhibition

My next exhibition

“Everything has its price”

24 – 28 October 2023, 11AM to 5PM

Bermondsey Project Space,

183 – 185 Bermondsey Street,

London SE1 3UW

You can also see my work at my gallery

at Mill Lane Studio/Gallery, Mill Lane, Church Rd, Ketton, Rutlandshire, PE9 3RE.

Past Exhibitions

Exhibitions and Events: Mill Lane Gallery

Are you interested in attending the latest art exhibition featuring the work of Josette Carroll?

Contact me at The Art of Josette Carroll.

Telephone: 07890 408 452